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DAILY ENTRY BY EXPIRATION DATE (GP:Pioneer 40" Flat Screen TV)--(ENDS 5/29) 5 Daily Winners
Collectibles/ (Roll Of 25 Golden Dollars From The US Mint)--(ENDS 5/31)
East Is East (GP: Trip To London, England)--(ENDS 5/31)
Guitar Player (Win 2 M33/Mike Tempesta Signature Model Guitars)--(ENDS 5/31)
Radio Stakes ($2000.00 Cash)--(ENDS 5/31)
Stuart Little (GP:Trip To LA, Etc.)--(ENDS 5/31)
Topsail 2000 (Vacation @ Topsail Island, SC)--(ENDS 5/31) (3Night Trip To San Antonio, Texas)--(ENDS 5/31)
Souped-Up-System (Gateway 800xl Desktop Computer Package)--(ENDS 6/1)
VIP (GP:Kawasaki Jet Ski/15 First Prizes:Trip To Cancun)--(ENDS 6/2)
MacWholesale (25,000 Frequent Flyer Airline Miles)--(ENDS 6/3) Weekly Drawing
Pet Dreams Sweepstakes ($1,000.00 Petstore Gift Certificate)--(ENDS 6/6)
Capture a New World (GP:Sony CCD-TRV66 Handycam Camcorder)--(ENDS 6/9)
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! (Trip To Paris, France)--(ENDS 6/11)
Sears Portrait (GP:Sony Prize Package)--(ENDS 6/11) Daily Winner (Zenith DVD Player or Samsung MP3 Player)--(ENDS 6/12)
Planet Free (4Day Vacation To Nassau, Bahamas)--(ENDS 6/14)
Flatiron Online (Caribbean Vacation)--(ENDS 6/15)
Golf US (Set Of Golf Clubs)--(ENDS 6/15)
It's A Guy Thing (Vegas Trip, Season Tickets or Golf Clubs)--(ENDS 6/16) (GP:$20,000.00 Cash/Daily $350.00 Gift Cert.)--(ENDS 6/18) Daily Winner
Webstakes (GP:Trip To New York City, NY)--(ENDS 6/20) ($25,000.00 Check)--(ENDS 6/25)
Happy Puppy (GP:Dell Dimension L550r Computer)--(ENDS 6/25)
Amstel Light (GP:Trip To Cayman Islands)--(ENDS 6/30)
Andy's Garage ($10,000.00 Cash)--(ENDS 6/30)
BIC (GP:$10,000.00 Reward Card/Various Prizes)--(ENDS 6/30)
Caribbean Cruise Sweepstakes (ENDS 6/30)
Collectibles/ (Choice Of Radko Ornament)--(ENDS 6/30)
Cool Out Cabana/Kellogg's (2000 Jeep Wrangler)--(ENDS 6/30)
Hitechwireless (Motorola StarTac Cellular Phone)--(ENDS 6/30)
Outdoor Spirit (GP:Win Up To $50,000.00)--(ENDS 6/30)
The Hut ($10,000.00 Cash)--(ENDS 6/30)
Sweepstakes Galaxy (3D/2N @ Vegas Hotel Casino (READ RULES)--(ENDS 6/30)
Thunder Bay Traders (Intel PC Camera Pack)--(ENDS 6/30)
Win It Here (eGo MP3 Player)--(ENDS 6/30)
I Shop Here (Mercedes Sports Coupe or Sport Utility Vehicle)--(ENDS 7/1) (GP:2000 Dodge Grand Caravan/Various Prizes)--(ENDS 7/3)
Imodium (GP:Trip To Hawaii/Various Prizes)--(ENDS 7/3)
Coty (One-Of-A-Kind Volkswagen 2000 New Beetle Turbo)--(ENDS 7/4)
Spring Into Shape (Treadmill or Strength Training Machine)--(ENDS 7/7)
Clean Sweep (Maid Service For 1 Year)--(ENDS 7/13) (12 Lou Rankin Plush Animals)--(ENDS 7/15)
Tony's (GP:Home Entertainment Center, Etc./Various Prizes)--(ENDS 7/17)
Nick Jr. (GP:See Blue's Clues Show In Orlando/Various Prizes)--(ENDS 7/29)
Be Outdoors (GP:$10,000.00 Cash/Various Prizes)--(ENDS 7/31)
One World Live (Trip To LA +$10,000.00 Cash)--(ENDS 7/31) ($5000.00 Shopping Spree)--(ENDS 7/31) (10 Winners/1 Month Of House Cleaning-4 Visits)--(ENDS 7/31)
Aussie (See US Gymnastics Team In Sydney, Australia 9/00)--(ENDS 8/1)
Andy's Garage 4th ($100,000.00 Cash)--(ENDS 8/31)
LifeSavers (Trip To Hawaii)--(ENDS 8/31) (Win Up To $50,000.00)--(ENDS 8/31)
Warner Video Club (GP:Zenith 60" TV, DVD Player + 5 Movies)--(ENDS 8/31)
Nair (Trip For 3 To Cancun, Mexico)--(ENDS 9/1)
Get Up and Go (Nissan X-Terra XE V6 4x4)--(ENDS 9/29)
PC World Survey ($25,000.00 Cash or Dream Computer)--(ENDS 9/29)
Real Home (Factory Mfg. 2000sq.ft. Home/READ RULES)--(ENDS 9/30)
Reader's Digest/Select Editions ($4,000.00 Cash)--(ENDS 10/11)
Keyboard/Boston Piano (Grand Piano By Steinway + Sons)--(ENDS 10/16)
Kendall Jackson (GP:Trip To San Francisco/Various Prizes)--(ENDS 11/30) ($250,000.00 Custom Built House)--(ENDS 12/3) (Brand Name Jeans 4 Life)--(ENDS 12/31) Weekly Prize
Daily's (7 Day Windjammer Cruise)--(ENDS 12/31)
Disney (Various Prizes)--(ENDS 12/31)
The Party Mix (Windjammer Barefoot Cruise/Various Prizes)--(ENDS 12/31)
iWon (Biggest Cash Giveaway Online)--(ENDS 3/31/2001)
Winners List ($5,000.00 Dollar Sweeps)--(ENDS 12/31/2001)

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